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Realistic Lion Transformation Time-Lapse Makeup Video

So after having not created a video for a while, I thought it was about time I got something together and put online for all to see! Enter the lion time-lapse video…

I love doing a bit of creative makeup, and I’d be wanting to do a realistic lion style for quite some time now so I finally got my act together, sat down, and did it! I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out (seeing as I hadn’t practised before creating the video)… although it did take longer than I had expected (just under 2 hours).

Whenever I create something from the more creative side, I tend to flick between using face-paints and actual makeup – but for this particular look I decided to go for every day makeup to get more depth. I think this worked well and gave me a far better range for the colours and blending… having said that, I’m looking to make a face-paint version of this look so that I can compare them and see which style truly does work out best!

Unfortunately I didn’t make this video a tutorial (having not created it previously!), however, if there are enough requests etc then I will look in to doing this for you all. Hopefully the time-lapse is able to show just how much goes in to creating something a bit different, as well as showcase some of my skills to create something a bit special!

As always, any questions, comments and requests are welcome!


Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad – Makeup Video

First of all, I just need to start off with a GINORMOUS apology! I’ve been missing from the blogging world for almost a month now! This is due to moving house, and a severe lack of internet (how I’ve managed to cope I really do not know!)… but on the plus side, I’m now all back up and running, and have lots of posts planned! ūüôā

So let’s kick off with a new video I created and am¬†super excited about – my video on how I created the look for Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad film from DC!!

I am, in all honesty, a bit of a nerd when it comes to super heroes and villains, and so I have been super excited in the run up to the release of the Suicide Squad film! I also, in case no one had noticed, love makeup and getting creative… so I thought I’d combine the 2 and recreate Harley Quinn on myself! It started with just the makeup, but then I thought I’d never find a top with ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ on… so I drew that on too!

Watch the video below to see how I created this look;



The makeup itself was fairly simple – after colour correcting my face, I applied a light foundation (I’m super pale anyway, but I would use a shade lighter, or your own shade with white face paint mixed in if you have darker skin). As an FYI – I used the Marc Jacobs ‘re(marc)able’ foundation in Ivory Light – it has amazing coverage so I didn’t have to layer up too much either! After concealing, and setting, I then moved on to the contouring; Harley has an almost square contour on the main part of her face, rather than a thick one along the cheekbones, but this is also very soft so I didn’t over do this on the look. I highlighted as necessary, then applied blush on the apples of my cheeks to get the glowy and innocent look.

Her eyebrows are fairly similar shaped to mine so this wasn’t too hard – just slightly extended and exaggerating the arch more than I usually would. She also does her eyebrows darker than her blonde hair, so I went up a few shades on the NYX spectrum (I used the ‘Tame & Frame’ pomades). For the eyeshadows I used a palette I bought off ebay ages ago and just matched up the blue and the red as best as I could – applying all over the lid, up near the eyebrow (but not touching the eyebrow), and underneath the eye too. Then I made tear-like drags down the face and layered these up so you could see them better. This was a fun part, and one I don’t think you need to be too accurate about …have fun with it!

After drawing on her heart tattoo to my cheek (in eyeliner pencil), I then went on to write the word ‘ROTTEN’ in liquid eyeliner across the jawline. As a note of warning – writing backwards in a straight line can be tricky, so if you can get someone to write this for you, I’d recommend that!

I then got slightly carried away and started drawing on her top too (optional!) – I penciled out the neckline, then covered the top half of my chest in body makeup by Snazaroo (in Burgundy). Followed by the lower part of my chest in white. After this, I got the liquid eyeliner back out and had the very tricky task of writing upside down and backwards… in a straight(ish) line, in curly handwriting – it’s not for the faint-hearted! After scrawling ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’, I made the top look more worn and dirty by applying black eyeshadow lightly across¬† areas which I found made it more realistic looking.

The part of the makeup I was least pleased about was the necklace/choker. I attempted to draw this on using eye pencil and filling in with different gold/bronze eyeshadows and a gold eye pencil from Barry M to give a more metallic look… but it didn’t stand out much, and wasn’t exactly as I had in mind… nevertheless, the look wouldn’t’ve looked right without it, so I’m glad I did this still!

Overall it was great to be Harley Quinn, and it was super fun to do; although the writing backwards and upside down was a bit difficult, it’s generally a simple look – so great for last minute fancy dress! And you could always get someone to do the writing for you if you are struggling… or buy a t-shirt and draw on there instead (probably an easier option I should have considered…).


Let me know if you guys have a go at this and what you think!

Until next time,

Roben x

How to Remove Makeup… The Right Way

Today I thought I’d do something a bit different – instead of talking about how to put make-up on, let’s talk about how to take it off.

Sounds simple? Well I guess it is, but the truth of the matter is that we’re never really taught how you should be removing your make-up – 9 out of 10 of us will just grab a wet-wipe and scrub away (which, by the way, is exactly what I used to do!). Realistically, we just do what we can to get it off, and don’t think about what it’s doing to our skin; we might slap a bit of moisturiser on, but the question is whether that’s enough?

After many many years of using make-up wipes (some of which weren’t even make-up wipes, they were baby wipes because they were always readily available… if you’re a mum, you’ll know what I mean!), I soon discovered that they really are not the answer when it comes to removing make-up – they’re harsh on your skin (even the ‘sensitive’ ones), and can actually be the cause of sensitive skin if used on a long term basis! It was this fact which got me to stop using them right away!

So what is the answer? Cream, cream, cream (and a bit of toner)!

I’ve made a quick video of me removing my make-up how I’ve been taught to do professionally on others (though slightly adapted as you just can’t get the hand angles when using the techniques on yourself!) – and below I have listed everything I have used, and most importantly, why.

Please note – I have used all Simple products as I absolutely love their range, and because they use no nasties it is suitable for my generally sensitive skin – you can use any brand you wish, Simple is just my preferred choice!


Eye-Makeup RemoverKind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream by Simple – Squeeze a decent amount between two cotton pads and pad together to spread the cream evenly. Hold one of the pads between your fingers and place over the eye, rocking gently in a horizontal motion – do this for a few seconds so that the eye-makeup remover can start to breakdown the eye makeup (particularly on heavy eyeliners and long-wear mascaras). Then wipe the makeup in downward motion – never swipe to the side – this will drag the skin and encourages wrinkles! Keep doing this until the pad has removed majority of the makeup, then fold the pad in half (so the clean side is on show and the makeup side is tucked under) – repeat the downward motions to pick up any excess makeup. Finally, fold the pad in half again (dirty side in, as before), open your eyes and look up – run the pad underneath the eye going from outer corner to inner corner – this will collect up any fallen makeup as well as any eyeliner on the lower lash-line. Repeat this process using the other pad, on the other eye.

Eye-Makeup RemoverKind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream by Simple – Again! This is for the lips this time… and yes, you just read that correctly – for the lips. Using a small amount on one cotton pad, place between your fingers and hold over your lips – rock backwards and forwards to remove any lipstick and eyeliner. This is particularly effective for removing any lip-stain or long-wear lipsticks which otherwise are a nightmare to remove! It’s also really gentle on your lips and helps to keep moisture in.

CleanserKind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion by Simple – This is the main step to removing your makeup, so make sure you have a good cleanser which suits you as you’ll be using it a lot! There’s quite a few steps for this one so I’ve broken it down a bit, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep!

1 – Take a big dollop on your hands and rub them together so that the cleanser is visible all over your hands. Gently place your cleanser covered hands down your face – starting on your forehead, followed by both cheeks, then your chin, and finally on your neck.

2 – Use continuous upwards motions on your neck and under your chin and jawlines – this will remove any makeup which is on your neck.

3 – Run your middle finger around your chin and under your bottom lip – this will dislodge any makeup which has got stuck in the crease above your chin (a common place to get spots if not cleaned properly!).

4 – Make scissor motions along your jawline, going from side to side. This is a bit more tricky to do, and it can take a bit of practice before it starts to feel natural, but it’s a really good technique for getting rid of any tide marks and foundation lines. (The video shows you how to do this better than I can describe in writing!)

5 – Run both your middle fingers on either side of your mouth – going above your top lip, then back round to underneath your bottom lip.

6 – Using your middle and ring fingers, make small circular motions around the tip of the nose and both nostrils – this is great for dislodging any makeup that may have settled in the crease around your nose (another spot-prone area if you’re not careful).

7 – Again using circular motions, but this time a lot bigger and more relaxed, move your hands down under your cheeks, up on to the cheek bones, and then back down towards the nose, in an almost triangular move.

8 – Run your middle and ring fingers, one after the other, over the top of your nose and up between your eyebrows – this move not only helps remove makeup, but feels really relaxing!

9 – Go back to the scissor movement you did on the jawline, but this time run your hands across your forehead, going from temple to temple – this will remove any makeup from around your hair line, as well as any makeup on or around your eyebrows.

Finally, grab some tissue and gently swirl around your face to remove the makeup – you’ll be shocked how much comes off!

Do this routine again (always cleanse twice!), and if you have quite a lot or a heavy load of makeup then go over a third time.

TonerKind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner by Simple – Toner is really important – by cleansing your face and getting really deep into them pores, you have to disrupt the balance of your skin, so toner is essential after cleansing as it restores your skin balance back to how it should be. Pour a decent amount between two pads and press together to spread evenly – you want a fair amount on, but if the pad is soaked through then you’ve got too much! Gently run both pads over your face starting from the centre outwards. Grab a sheet off tissue and dab any excess toner off so as to make sure you don’t look shiny!

MoisturiserKind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser by Simple – A girl’s best friend! Even if you’re not doing the full routine, it is super recommended that you use a moisturiser daily – it hydrates your skin and creates an amazing base before applying your makeup, as well as when you remove it. Squeeze out a fair amount between two cotton pads and press together to spread evenly, then run both pads over your face, starting from the centre outwards; just like you did with the toner.


You’ll find that after doing this routine your skin feels amazing! It doesn’t feel tight or irritated, and it’s not bright red either (which is exactly what mine used to go when I used wipes on it!). It can be a bit of a long winded routine, but once you get yourself into it, it becomes second nature and you really do start to see the benefits! It’s also a great skincare routine to use even if you’re not wearing makeup that day (just minus the eye-makeup remover), and can be really relaxing if you’ve had a stressful day – why not teach your partner how to do it, and it feels just like a massage!

Give it a try and tell me all about your experience – I love getting your feedback and know I am being helpful!

Until next time,

Lots of love

Roben x


Stargazer Pale Products – Review & Comparison Video

Finding a good foundation can be challenging at the best of times, particularly when you have naturally pale skin like mine – most high street brands are always that bit too dark (or alternatively can make you look whiter and more ghost like!); that’s why I’m always delighted when I find a commendable brand with a wide range in colours – providing options for pale skin, rather than lumbering us with just the one shade as an “that’ll do” attitude.

As you will all know, my usual choice for foundation is MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid (NC15), as well as my newly discovered little treat which is Studio 10’s Skin Perfector*,¬†however I also realise that these foundations are not for everyone’s budgets, and you can quite easily find yourself paying ¬£25-¬£35 on foundations in this range. It was this exact issue which people have raised with me when asking where I usually buy my foundation and how much it costs, therefore, I wanted to write a little bit about the wonderful brand which is Stargazer.

Stargazer are most well known for their vibrant, colourful ranges – which include a spectacular range of neons, glitters, and pretty much every colour under the rainbow for eye-shadows and lipsticks! Nonetheless, Stargazer also provide an amazing range of more natural shades; and it’s this range exactly that I wish to talk about today.

Whether you’re after liquid, pressed/loose powder, paint sticks or concealers, Stargazer has got it! I am a particular fan of their liquid foundation range (“Pro Foundation”) which can also be bought with a pearl tint – there are currently 8 shades available, with a particularly good range of pale colours which are subtly different from one another; perfect for finding that special shade! The Pro Foundation liquid foundation is easy to apply, gives great coverage, and most importantly is at an incredibly affordable price of just ¬£4.00!! If ever, you’re looking for a great foundation when you’ve got a small budget, this is definitely the product I’d recommend most. In the below video I use 2 shades to compare my face (for the matte-look I use ‘Light Olive’, and for the shimmer look I use ‘Alabaster’), I also incorporate a darker shade, ‘Light’, to contour my face slightly – this is then further enhanced using my eye-shadow technique I have used in previous videos (click here to see how).

pro foundation

However, I realise that some people just can’t get on with liquid foundations (after all, it doesn’t suit all skin types), which is why I’m pleased to say that Stargazer also offer wonderful powder foundations – coming in loose or pressed powder. Admittedly, there is less of a range available shade wise on both of these products (the loose powder in particular only comes in 4 shades), however at the price of just ¬£5.00 for the pressed powder, and an incredibly budget busting ¬£3.50 for the pot of loose powder, it’s certainly not something to be dismissed! Both sets of powders also come available with a shimmer touch, which is perfect for when you want to glam up a bit and give yourself a natural shimmer. These are also both good products to use to set your liquid foundation, or even to highlight your face when contouring (think outside the box!) – you can see an example of this on my video below.

What if you don’t like liquid or powder foundation though? Well, that’s simple – Stargazer also offer the Pro Paint Stick – an easy to use foundation which you can layer in coverage, available for yet another bargain of ¬£5.00! I was super impressed with this product and am even more pleased about the amount of colours available to choose from – this little gem is defintely worth raving about! Unfortunately, I didn’t use this in my video as I only have it in the one colour and I wanted to show the subtly different looks that can be created using some of the other foundations provided by Stargazer; however, it is an amazing little product which is easy to pop into your handbag, also making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

paint stick

Within my below video I have also incorporated the Stargazer eyebrow pencil, which comes with a handy brow brush on the end, and is perfect as a basic brow enhancer. This pencil is once more easy to use and great for all kinds of looks, as well as yet again being super affordable at just ¬£3.50! It does only come in 3 colours (as a bit of a downside), but I’ve found that you can adjust the colour intensity by the amount of pressure used when applying to your brows – and afterall, at that price you can’t really complain!

Overall, Stargazer is a brilliant brand which is perfect for a range of styled looks, ranging from the simple to the outrageous, and it is incredibly affordable and easy to get hold of. I love the pale collection which Stargazer is able to promote, as well as all of their more vibrant range (which I will be doing a more in-depth look at in March), and will always continue to happily consume their products – I’ve yet to be disappointed by them!

Make sure to check out Stargazer’s full range here, and see what awesome looks you’re able to create!

Lots of love



* (click here to check out my full review on Studio 10)

Studio 10 Makeup Review

First of all, I would just like to apologise for the lack of a post recently – unfortunately after the Christmas festivities, I became poorly and had to take a quick trip to hospital; which meant I had to miss all the New Year parties too! Luckily I came out just before my birthday (4th Jan), and am all better again now!

Just before Christmas I was sent a few products to trial for Studio 10 – a make-up brand I had only ever heard brilliant things about, so I was super excited to receive them! Studio 10 make-up is generally targeted for women in their mid 30s, and was created with the knowledge that our skin changes over time, therefore our make-up and techniques used to apply the make-up, should change too. I, personally, am in my mid 20s, but was still keen to trial out Studio 10 make-up – after all, better to start the anti-ageing techniques early; prevention rather than cure! Studio 10 also offer a range of products which help fix imperfections on younger women, and all of their products are cruelty free (something which is incredibly important to me!).

I was sent 4 products to try – Age Defy Skin Perfector, I-Lift Longwear Liner, Long Last Velvet Liquid-Lips, and Miracle Effect Priming Serum… and needless to say, I was delighted with the results!

Age Defy Skin Perfector [02 medium/dark]- 10/10 So this has got to be my favourite product by far – this magical little beaut of a set if perfect for contouring, and really diminishing unsightly flaws (for me currently, this would be the enormous spot I had acquired on my chin… as a result of not taking my make-up off before bed one evening – lesson learnt!). The set comes with a primer (which is tinted like foundation) – which is applied all over the face, then there are two colour correctors (Green and Peach) at the end of the palette, which were the saviour to my spot situation – the green corrector sorted the redness of my spots spectacularly. A light concealer and a darker concealer are supplied so the face can be contoured – now, anyone which has seen my previous posts knows that when it comes to contouring I find it extremely difficult to find cream/liquid based products which don’t look to harsh on my pale face – for this reason, I usually use an eye-shadow to contour my face. Therefore, I was extremely surprised, and really impressed by the Age Defy Skin Perfector kit by Studio 10 – it is so easy to apply, and despite being darker tones, I found the product blended perfectly to leave flawless looking skin, and contouring without dark heavy lines on my face. This palette was the product I was most skeptical about due to my previous bad experiences with cream based contouring products, yet I am now so in love with it, and will now most definitely be stocking up on!


I-lift Longwear Liner [02 mocha] – 8/10 This double ended eye liner was one of the products I was most excited about receiving – I love a good eye liner and am constantly on the look out for the latest products which are easy to apply. This eye liner glides on easily, without crumbling, and leaves a good smooth line so I was very happy with the usability of the product, however, I found the tip to be quite chunky – therefore, I would not advise to use this eye liner if you are going for a more precise flick to your eye liner wing. On a more positive note, the double end of the eye liner helps to lift and brighten your eyes – it has a nude tone to it which helps to highlight your eyes – I used this underneath my eyes to make them appear less tired, and it worked wonders!


Longlast Velvet Liquid-Lips [02 blossom] – 7/10 I love a good lip gloss or lipstick, and when I saw the colour of this little gem a smile crept across my face – it truly is a stunning colour pink! For pale skin I do tend to recommend lighter shades of pink rather than the darker lip shades (which can make you seem a bit too pale, depending on how your make-up is done), and I love a light gloss/lipstick which doesn’t feel heavy on your lips – so this lip gloss fit the bill exactly! The only criticism I would have for this gloss is that it is a bit on the watery side, so lip liner is a must when wearing this, and some tidying up is required once applied.


Miracle Effect Priming Serum – 6/10 For me, primers are an essential before applying any kind of make-up; they set a perfect base to smooth your face before becoming creative with your look, and they also make your skin feel incredibly soft! I have always preferred MAC’s Prep + Prime for a primer, and have yet to find anything which rivals it. After giving the Studio 10 primer a few goes, I found that I unfortunately just couldn’t get on with it – I found the serum to be too thick and sticky, and just didn’t seem to fit my skin at all… however,¬†I was intrigued by whether the primer serum would be the same on the skin of someone older than myself (and more of the target market which Studio 10 are aimed at)… So I gave the remainder of the primer to my Mum (who is in her mid 40s) and caught up with her a few days later to see how she got on with it; needless to say she got on with the primer a lot better than me, and found that it made her skin really supple and soft, and even helped smooth the appearance of her smile lines around her eyes! I have given this product a lower score due to the fact that I just couldn’t get on with it, however, a second opinion proved it to be a good product; therefore I would recommend the Miracle Effect Priming Serum for anyone in their mid 30s+.

Overall, I found my experience with Studio 10 products a positive one and have found a few little gems out of their range which I am eager to continue using! I would highly recommend this brand, and I look forward to exploring their range further Рyou can find all of their products online here.

I have put together a quick video of me using the Studio 10 products to show their amazing affects – please make sure to subscribe and like my YouTube channel, and like me on Facebook here!.

Lots of love,

Roben x


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