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New video – Everyday Makeup with *NEW* Maxfactor Masterpiece Palette!

Here’s the link to my latest video – a nice easy, every day makeup tutorial with a flick of eyeliner!

Featuring the NEW Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude palette for eye-shadow – something I’ve been super excited about trying recently (it’s truly magnificent!).

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Keep your eyes peeled for my newest post coming soon featuring a more glamorous eye look!


Everyday Winter Look – xmas eve!

It’s boxing day! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got thoroughly spoilt!

Here’s a quick look I put together the other day for Christmas Eve (very simple and easy to do so this is just a video of me doing the makeup rather than an in depth tutorial!). I’m wearing my glasses at the end as I couldn’t find my contacts (and I’m totally blind without my glasses!) – but you can still see this is an effective everyday look.

As usual I have used MAC for my face (but I will soon be testing out some rival brands to challenge if my favourite foundation is as good as I think it is – keep tuned for that!), and I’ve used maybelline on my eyes along with my ususal Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (the best eyeliner I’ve yet to use!). For the lips I’ve used a MUA lipliner topped with a GOSH velvet touch lipstick – absolutely lush!

I hope you all like this look, and if you do then don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel! I have also now set up a Facebook page, so you can now find me under Roben Beauty on there – please like my page for some more updates!

I have recently received some makeup to trial for Studio10 – an absolutely amazing brand that I’ve only ever heard amazing things about! I’m so excited to start using the makeup and I will shortly be posting up my review and tutorials using the makeup; make sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Wishing you all a very merry christmas 2015!

Lots of love


Winter Party Look – Dark Lips, Big Eyes, Full-on Contouring

It’s the last few days before Christmas and there’s parties everywhere to cram in to our busy schedules – even after Christmas there’s winter celebrations going on tenfold! I, myself, have already got something booked in every night this week – it’s nonstop!

So to try to help, I’ve put together a winter party look tutorial which should glam up any evening do! Dark lips (very sumptuous!), big eyes (but not too heavy nor dark – keep the focus on your dark lips… we’re not going for the gothic look tonight!)… and some full on contouring! All the best bits to make you stand out.

This look is super easy to put together, and it’s also an affordable look using a variety of brands – as always, I use MAC for my foundation, highlighter, concealer, and this time for my eye shadow too (I do love MAC!), however I also use products from BeautyUK, Stargazer, Avon, Maxfactor, MUA, GOSH and eyelashes from Eylure.

I absolutely love the velvet touch products available at the moment, and find myself using them with more and more looks which I create – in this video I used the velvet mascara from Maxfactor, along with a velvet touch lipstick from GOSH – both amazing products that I would highly recommend.

If you like this look/tutorial then keep tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel (RobenBeauty) as well as on here – I will shortly be receiving some new samples to try out from various brands and I can’t wait to update you all!

Lots of love,

Roben x


Eyebrows for the blonde

Hi guys!

So just a quick little video from me, following on from how to contour – a small over view of how I do my eyebrows!

I’m naturally fair haired and with it comes my near to invisible eyebrows (of which aren’t very thick either!) – this can be a bit of a pain when I’m trying to do my make up. I see all these beautiful girls with their naturally dark hair and thick eyebrows that they can shape, and then apply makeup to look stunning… being blonde, its harder than you think.

For one, the colour range you get for blonde eyebrows is near to non existent – I’m always on the look out for something that matches my hair colour but doesn’t look obvious that they’ve been drawn on (which tends to be the case if you try to draw your eyebrows on with a blonde pencil – it doesn’t look natural at all!)… but I’m yet to find something that is a brilliant fit! I’ll keep you updated with any trials I do on the eyebrow front!

So, for now, I have taken to using a little brow kit I bought in Just Essentials for £3.79 (absolute bargain! and actually seems to be more usable than some of the big brand names we all know), along with a couple of brushes from StarGazer (again, amazing prices). I mix two colours – the blonde and the light brown colour to apply my eyebrows – making sure to make the lines a bit thicker than my actual non existent eyebrows! I’ve attached the tutorial video for you all to take a look, and hopefully it helps a few of you out!

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Roben x

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