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Product Review – Eylure ‘Volume 101’

pre glued 101

So I am a self-confessed fake lash addict, and I’m not afraid to admit it! Whenever I’m dressing up or going out, or just wanting to make some sort of effort, I whip out the fake lashes and flutter away. I’ve tried a range of brands and glues, but Eylure still remain my favourite by far – I’ve always found them easy to get on with and not had any issues with them… until now.

First of all, I would just like to say this isn’t an “attack” on Eylure – I love them as a brand and I love their products, but I always aim to be honest with my opinions when reviewing items, and today will be no different; an honest review is what I shall give.

I was heading out for the night with a group of friends and so grabbed a pair of Volume 101 lashes, happy with my choice and in a bit of a rush so not paying too much attention… the lashes were full, long and curvy – exactly what I was after. I rushed home to get ready – did my hair and makeup, then left my lashes to last (as I usually do). It was when I opened the box I noticed there was no adhesive included (which anyone who uses Eylure knows is usually included). Perplexed, I looked at the box and the lashes again, and then rolled my eyes; I’d picked up pre-glued lashes – of course there was no glue!

I applied the lashes as instructed, but to my dismay found that it just wouldn’t stick – the glue was not tacky enough and it just kept pinging off my eye as soon as I blinked! I never have too much patience with applying lashes so I gave up on my left and moved on to my right. This lash went on a bit better, though it took a fair amount of negotiating to get it to stay in place (and quite a lot of holding down too!). It still didn’t look very “natural” though and I had to tp up my eyeliner more than usual. Nevertheless, the lash was on.

So I went back to the left eye.

Once again I struggled to get the lash to stick at all, and the more I tried the less it stuck – over half of the glue strip was not sticking and the lash just kept falling off my face! Now I was running late to go out, feeling frustrated and standing in my living room with one eyelash on and the other by my foot on the floor, for the 100th time…

Usually, I have lots of mini pots of adhesive lying around, but in my quest to get rid of my hoarding habits when I moved house, I had chucked them all out (score 1 for hoarding). So annoyingly, I had to pull the lash (which had stuck) off my eye and again top up my eyeliner, before heading out… completely lash-less.

Overall, I was just frustrated – the lashes themselves were lovely, but the issues with the pre-glue were awful, and it’s safe to say that I would not buy these again just for the faff it caused, and for my overall disappointment. I have to ask, what is the point in having a pre-glued product if it is not going to stick, and you need to find your own glue to actually get them to stick?? Definitely not something I would be willing to try now on purpose.

I love Eylure, and I will continue to purchase their products, but I will be avoiding the pre-glued range (and making sure to read the packaging before buying!).

I’d love to hear if I am the only one who has had this issue!

On a more positive note, I will be posting a new video in the next few days, for a more glamorous look – perfect for a night out! Keep your eyes peeled for that!


Much love!

Roben x

Boutique of Molly – Laila Dress | Product Review #OOTW

So today’s post is a little different – we’re going to do a product review or the Laila dress by Boutique of Molly!

The sun was back (temporarily), which means cracking out the summer wardrobe whilst you still can.. (#loveBritishsummer), and what better way then bringing out the florals to keep that summer vibe alive?

For anyone which knows me, I am a tad bit of a dress-aholic (come rain or shine!), and so I was absolutely thrilled to pieces last week when I came home from work to find my Boutique of Molly package had arrived, containing my new Laila dress! As soon as I opened the package I couldn’t to wait ’til the weekend to try it out (and had my fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine to remain!) It’s truly stunning, and really got me in the summer mood.

Thankfully my wish came true, and we got that bit of British sunshine so I was able to wear my beautiful new dress. The first thing I noticed, was the fit of it – it clung to all the right places, and avoided all the bits I wanted to hide! I’ve got a very pear shape body, so a dress cut like this is perfect for me – it emphasises the smallest part of me (my waist), and flows out over my hips effortlessly so as not to accentuate them… and as an added bonus it enhanced my cleavage!

The material of the Laila dress is really soft too, as well as having a bit of stretch in it – perfect for when you’ve had a desert too much (something I do more often than not!). The bright pink and purple flowers are really eye-catching, but not too in your face – the perfect balance to get you noticed, but pointed at!

This really is a wonderful dress, and definitely going to be an icon of my summer this year – bring back the sunshine so I can keep on wearing this!!

For more clothing from Boutique of Molly, make sure to check out their website here – they’ve got some gorgeous pieces available ready for the summer, and at great prices too!

Check out my #BOMselfie below, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my newest video being uploaded shortly…

Lots of love

Roben x


Dr Lipp – Original Nipple Balm for Lips |Product Review

It’s with great apologies that I post this product review – I had this all written out and ready to go months ago, and thought I had uploaded it… but checking through last night I realised that wasn’t the case and it seems to have got missed! So absolute apologies for that!

Dr Lipp sent me their wonderful creation which is ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ to try out, and I was completely amazed with what you can do with it!

dr lipp review

‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ – yes, that’s right Nipple Balm – it’s one of them titles which the 14 year old in me giggles at inside whenever I say it out loud; it just doesn’t sound natural for me to announce I’m using a nipple balm on my lips! It’s also one of them names which makes people do a double take (good marketing their guys!) – so it tends to stick out in your head. But don’t be put off by the name – this little beaut of a product is actually awesome for more than what you might be thinking…

Lip Balm – This is the most obvious use – using a product which says in the description ‘for lips’, but I just wanted to explain how marvellous this little gem is. The texture of the product is very much like nipple balm (being a mother, I have had the joys of having to use this) …I presume this is why it has it’s name! But this isn’t a bad thing – nipple balm is silky smooth and glides on easy – it has a soothing touch to it and is a brilliant barrier; which is exactly the case for this lip balm. When you’ve got the product on your lips feel hydrated, and completely protected – like having a drink is not going to wash the product off so you have to keep reapply every 5 seconds (let’s face it, we’ve all had that kind of lip balm before…). If you’re like me where I suffer from having dry cracked lips on a daily basis, then this is a little tube of miracle that you need to try out!

Lip Gloss & Primer – Due to the high shine of this product, it makes for a perfect long-lasting lipgloss! Simply apply over the top of lipstick (or naked lips) and get a glossy glow to your look! The best thing is how little of the product you have to use for this, which means your little tube will keep on lasting! You can also use the balm before applying lipstick as a great primer – it flattens out any flaky skin so that when you apply your lipstick on top it glides on with ease.

Eye Shine & Glitter – Yes, eye shine! You must be thinking I’m mental, but this product is absolutely fantastic for changing a look and jazzing it up! Apply your eye make-up as usual, then put a small amount of the Nipple Balm for Lips on top, and you get a complete new look (perfect if you are going out straight from work – changing the look from a day to evening in an instant without having to remove make-up or carry round a million products to do so!). If you want to sparkle up your eyes, this is also the perfect product to do so – layer on a small amount of the Nipple Balm for Lips, then pad on any eye glitter – it instantly sticks to the balm and holds for a good duration of time. As an FYI, this is exactly what I did for the picture in my header of the website!

Cheek Shine/Highlighter – If you want to add a bit of shine to your cheekbones to give that highlighted effect, this product is great. Again, a small amount ages a long way, so only the tiniest needs to be applied.

Sore Patches – I know, I know, attractive right? But let’s face it, we all get sore or itchy patches on our faces sometimes and it’s a nightmare when you do (particularly if it then makes red blotchy patches…). I’ve used Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm for Lips when I’ve had a cold and my nose got sore from constantly blowing it (you know that red raw look I’m talking about..) – it really soothed the skin and stopped the irritation; at times like that, it’s best to keep the skin around your nose hydrated so it doesn’t dry out and get so sore… which is exactly what the balm did! I’ve not had to try myself, but from what I’ve heard, you can also use this product on dry/sore patches of skin, and of course, on nipples themselves when they get cracked and sore.

There are many many many more other uses for Dr Lipp’s ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’, and so many benfits from using it – if you want to read more about the product then head over to Dr Lipp’s website.

Overall, I was super impressed with the ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ – the packaging is awesome and so pretty! (Simple things, I know!), it’s fabulous for lasting you ages, and there are so many ways you can use it! Plus, it really helped my dry lips!

10 out of 10 for Dr Lipp!

Lots of love,

Roben x



Butter London – Product Review!

So I’ve been extremely fortunate and been sent some lovely samples through from Butter London – a fantastic brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages! They sent me 4 items in total – 3 fabulous matte lipsticks, and 1 liquid eyeliner, to which I have made another video to show the amazing products (the video is at the bottom of this post!).

I’ve been playing around with ideas for a while now, and wanted to write a small piece on how lipstick colours can change a look in an instant – using the same brand, and style of lipstick, but just changing the colour. Using the 3 lipstick colours I was sent by Butter London I’ve now been able to do this – I’ve started off with my make-up already applied, and literally just gone through applying the different lipsticks… you’ll be surprised the difference it makes! Using pink-ier shades lightens the face and gives a gorgeous daytime look (especially the ‘Macbeth’ shade Butter London sent!), whereas a more rose tinted shade makes great for an early evening look. For a more sultry, late-evening look you can transform your whole look with a much deeper shade of red… keep reading to find out my thoughts on the shades Butter London sent me…



Matte Lipstick ‘Macbeth’ – This is the first shade I apply in the video – it’s absolutely fantastic! It has great tone to the pink, and the vibrancy of the lipstick is outstanding… it almost has a neon/luminous look to it? The lipstick glides on effortlessly, and it’s claim to being ‘long lasting’ is 100% on point – I’ve trialled this beautiful shade out at work to see if it rubs off easily, yet despite various drinks (hot and cold), and food eaten throughout the day (I’m not ashamed to say I constantly eat – there’s always some form of snack in front of me!), the lipstick stayed on, only needing a top up once (and this was around 3pm, so pretty good going!). The ‘Macbeth’ shade is absolutely perfect for people with pale skin with a cool undertone (such as myself) – it really draws attention to the lips without making you look deathly white or with yellow-tinged skin. As an added bonus point, this colour really brought out the whiteness in my teeth (which always goes down with me!). This shade, out of the 3 I received is most definitely my favourite!

Matte Lipstick ‘Loved Up’ – If you’re looking to go out for dinner, pop to the cinema, or going on a date, this beautiful shade is immense. Again, easy to apply, a wonderful matte finish, and superbly long-lasting (even more so than the ‘Macbeth’ shade!) – you really can’t go wrong with these lipsticks. ‘Loved Up’ is a redder shade which really can change up your look – whether you want to jazz up your daytime look, or you’re heading out for the evening this colour is definitely going to make your look more striking!

Matter Lipstick ‘Ruby Murray’ – This was actually the first out of all the samples that I tried out – I was heading out for the evening and I thought this would be ideal to test out.. my findings revealed that the lipstick withheld all night with just the one slight touch-up! I was super impressed, and to top it off, I was complimented throughout the night how great my make-up was and asked where I got my lipstick from! It certainly is a show stopper, and the deepness of the colour gives such a sultry, sexy look. Best of all, the ‘Ruby Murray’ shade didn’t make me look ridiculously pale (as I have found with previous darker shade lipsticks) – the cool undertone to the red complimented my skin, and I had real confidence when wearing it. Once more, this was easy to apply and super long lasting!


Matte Eye Liner in ‘Union Jack Black’ – I think this was the product I was most excited by when I received the samples – I love a good liquid eyeliner, and I love trying them out! I have to say though, this was perhaps actually the more disappointing item out of the lot – maybe because I had such high hopes for it? But either way, it wasn’t my favourite. The eye liner itself was easy enough to use, and the shape of the body of the eyeliner made a good grip and easy to hold – the colour also gave good coverage… when it worked. The main issue I had with this eyeliner was that it ran out so quickly! The first 2 times I used the liquid liner it was perfectly fine and I was quite happy with it… but every use after that the product became less dense and I found myself having to reapply several layers to get a half decent coverage. This was a bit frustrating – it was fine if I had lots of time to do my makeup, but on the occasions I was in a rush (which in my case, is 9 out of 10 times!) it was a bit tedious to keep having to build the colour up. On a positive note, the fine point to the eye liner allows you to get a really sharp flick to your wing!


Overall, I was very impressed with Butter London’s products – all of them were super easy to use, and the range of colours which are available on the website are superb! Although the Matte Eye Liner didn’t quite meet up to my expectations, the Matte Lipsticks went above and beyond, which certainly made up for it! I was so pleased with the longevity of the lipsticks and how little I needed to top them up to last throughout the day, and the colours were absolutely beautiful.

I will certainly be adding Butter London to my shopping list, and I can’t wait to check out some of their other ranges!

Make sure to check Butter London out here –


My next few posts are going to be focusing on brighter colours as we start to transition from spring to summer (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now!), some tips on how to get a spectacular smokey eye, and how to achieve some film inspired looks!

If there’s anything in particular you would like me to cover, just give me a shout @RobenBeauty on either Twitter or Facebook or comment below!

Lots of love,

Roben x

Aroma Works – Amazing skincare without the nasties (Product Review)

It’s a bit of foundation knowledge that looking after your skin is an absolute essential when it comes to any kind of beauty routine. My main suggestions for this are usually sleep well, eat right, and drink plenty of H2O (see my previous post for more info on this)… but what else can we do to look after our skin? After all, you only have to walk in to anywhere that sells make-up and you’ll find shelves lined with cream after cream – each claiming to be the next best miracle to cure any impurities! But what to choose and where from?? It can all get a bit confusing sometimes!

I have my select favourites of creams and potions, as does any girl, however I’ve never been quite so impressed when it comes to skincare as I was when I discovered the joys of Aroma Works. Initially recommended through a friend due to their delightfully smelling candles, I then discovered their range of skin care products and just knew I had to try some! After sending me an amazing selection of samples before Christmas, Aroma Works has changed my view on skincare products altogether – having only just finished the samples to try out their each amazing qualities, I am now an oil based fan.

OIL??? I hear you say, and yes indeed – oil. At first, I must admit, I was dubious of the idea – I don’t have particularly oily skin myself anyway, but I certainly didn’t want to start making it that way! Yet I was pleasantly surprised when the facial oils did not sit on top of my faced like I originally feared; they did not make my skin appear greasy or shiny, and my pores did not feel clogged up or heavy… in fact, my skin felt the complete opposite! My skin was soft to the touch, it felt refreshed and hydrated, and the soft aroma the oils left had people asking me what new perfume I had on (for yes, these wonderful oils are also scented!). After one use of my first trial oil, I simply could not get enough and I found myself using the oils on a regular basis – particularly on days where I was makeup free, where I could let my skin breath and remain feeling fresh.

So let’s take a more indepth look at what I received…

Serenity Body Oil – A delightfully smelling oil which is just perfect to use after getting out of the bath and drying off – I know for myself that sometimes when I get out of a shower or bath my skin can sometimes feels tight and dry, so this miracle wonder worked perfectly for me! Best of all, a little goes a long way with the body oil so you don’t need to use a ton for the desired effect. With lemongrass, neroli, geranium and coconut, it smells divine, and your skin feels wonderfully smooth.

Purify Body Oil – Another body oil perfect for when you get out from bathing/showering and want to keep your skin naturally hydrated! This time with a mix of cypress, geranium and lavender, which are a perfect mix to help soothe any aching muscles (particularly if you are lucky enough to have someone use this wonderful oil as a massage oil – it does wonders!).

Nourish Face Serum Oil – Quite frankly, my favourite product out of the entire range. This beauty really helped me when my face felt dry and tight, but also gave me an extra boost when my skin felt normal – it genuinely makes your skin so soft to touch, and I felt so much more hydrated after using it. As an added bonus, this facial serum also helps to fight the signs of ageing!

nourish face serum

Nourish Purity Eye Cleanser – This is a little bottle of magic! Containing Jojoba and chamomile, this wonderful little product not only removes your eye make-up in a soft and gentle manner, but it also makes the area around your eyes feel soft and doesn’t leave them feeling aggravated (I’m sure I’m not the only girl whose eyes are sore after removing make-up!). I was pleasantly surprised with this, and again, a little goes a long way.

Nourish Body Brilliance Exfoliate – Surprisingly, this is actually the product I got on least with – despite being an exfoliant, I found it to be a little too rough for my skin (which is delicate at the best of times). Despite this, it smells gorgeous (lavender)!

Anti-Ageing Absolute Face Serum – Mask – As you all know, I love a good anti-ageing potion or lotion! Despite only being in my twenties, I stick by the fact that prevention is better than cure! I may not be able to see wrinkles disappear and the like, but I love the way anti-ageing products make me feel – and this little beaut makes me feel incredible! Soft to touch when you apply it, and even softer once its absorbed! You can use the face serum one of two ways – either before using a face cream, or to leave on overnight to soak in; I tried the latter, and my word did my skin feel amazing in the morning!

Inspire Aromatherapy Body Wash – I love a body wash – to the point I have too many in my bathroom and they’re all kind of squeezed on to my shelves! So safe to say I was excited when I saw I had a body wash from Aroma Works – It smells fresh (less like perfume like the rest of the range, and more citrus-like), and is just really invigorating! It does what a body wash does, but it is just so lovely!

Balance Cleansing Face Wash – This was a a great product to use after the body wash and before the facial oil – it’s got a really subtle scent to it and just feels really gentle on your skin. Definitely a product to use as a combination with the other products in the range.

Overall, my experience with Aroma Works was an extremely positive one – not only have I now got plenty more products to work in to my skincare routine, I also have a new opinion on oils and the wonders they can do for you! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to get involved with their products and will most definitely be stocking up (especially the Nourish Face Serum Oil!) – make sure to check out their full range here!

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Roben x



Inner Me – Pro Beauty Product Review!

Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the weekend (and almost the end of the month!), but it’s time to squeeze in a quick product review!!

Over the last month, I’ve been taking a skin supplement called ‘Pro Beauty’ by Inner Me – an all made British brand which tailor their products to suit each age bracket band, and to which their pure focus is on well-being and vitality. They not only supply supplements for skin, hair, and health & energy, but they also provide drinks, bath salts, and tablets to help with the digestive system – overall, they’re your one-stop-shop for making yourself feel amazing!

pro beauty

If I am completely honest, Inner Me was a brand suggested for me to try, but it was never something I thought would truly make a difference – after all, what with all these fads of things like ‘JuicePlus’ constantly shoved down our throats, claiming their products can help you live a “better lifestyle”, feel better and all the rest of their marketing hype… I just had a hard time believing a supplement could truly make a remarkable difference. Safe to say, I was wrong.

Time to eat humble pie – after just two weeks of taking the Pro Beauty capsules twice a day, I felt the change! My skin was starting feel smoother and clearer, and it just had a bit of a glow to it… one week later, and I noticed my nails were stronger, and my hair quality had improved by miles! (I haven’t mentioned this before, but I completely ruined my hair back in July – I bought some of these “wash-out” hair chalk sets, and decided to turn my whole hair pink… on a Thursday night, when I had work in the morning… safe to say it didn’t wash out! After 12 washes I still had pink hair, but it had gone patchy and awful so I decided to dye my hair back to blonde. It still didn’t go, so I dyed it an ash brown colour… and it still didn’t wash out! BY this point my hair had turned to a straw-like consistency and was incredibly brittle; I gave up and went to the hairdressers, where they proceeded to use a toner on my hair, dyed it, cut it (really short much to my dismay), and then put a treatment on to try and soften it. I had to have this done 3 times before my hair resembled anything like it used to, but even ’til recently my hair gets split ends incredibly fast, and struggles to be soft and smooth like it used to). Thankfully for me, the Pro Beauty supplement really has helped out with my hair no end! Which is why I’m going to order the Pro Hair supplement shortly from Inner Me – if the Pro Beauty can improve my hair, I can just imagine how amazing the Pro Hair supplement will change it!

But how does it work? After all, it’s just a tablet… right? Well, quite simply, in the tablet is a mixture of vitamins and minerals which are specially combined to help protect against free radicals (the nasties which damages our collagen (collagen helps protect our skin from ageing/wrinkling)). Cell growth is supported, which is why the hair and nails also improve when taking this supplement – in simple terms, it’s all in the science. The main thing is that these little miracle capsules really do help, and I was totally amazed by their results.

As just one little down side to them, they aren’t the smallest of tablets to swallow – so for anyone who struggles to swallow a paracetamol whole, you might find these a tad tricky… and they don’t leave the best taste in your mouth. However, as a total positive, Inner Me also have a whole section on their website about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and there’s lots of recipe ideas too! For them, it’s not just a “take a pill” miracle cure – it’s about a healthy lifestyle which will make you feel energised and looking great at the same time.

In conclusion, the Pro Beauty supplement really did surprise me, and it’s made my skin feel amazing, along with actually tackling my hair (something I really wasn’t expecting it to do!) – it’s totally changed my view on taking supplements for the better, and I can’t wait to try out Inner Me’s other ranges of products!

You can buy Inner Me products at Holland & Barrett, The Hut Group, and Ocado – or make sure to check out their website here!

Have a lovely weekend!



Stargazer Pale Products – Review & Comparison Video

Finding a good foundation can be challenging at the best of times, particularly when you have naturally pale skin like mine – most high street brands are always that bit too dark (or alternatively can make you look whiter and more ghost like!); that’s why I’m always delighted when I find a commendable brand with a wide range in colours – providing options for pale skin, rather than lumbering us with just the one shade as an “that’ll do” attitude.

As you will all know, my usual choice for foundation is MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid (NC15), as well as my newly discovered little treat which is Studio 10’s Skin Perfector*, however I also realise that these foundations are not for everyone’s budgets, and you can quite easily find yourself paying £25-£35 on foundations in this range. It was this exact issue which people have raised with me when asking where I usually buy my foundation and how much it costs, therefore, I wanted to write a little bit about the wonderful brand which is Stargazer.

Stargazer are most well known for their vibrant, colourful ranges – which include a spectacular range of neons, glitters, and pretty much every colour under the rainbow for eye-shadows and lipsticks! Nonetheless, Stargazer also provide an amazing range of more natural shades; and it’s this range exactly that I wish to talk about today.

Whether you’re after liquid, pressed/loose powder, paint sticks or concealers, Stargazer has got it! I am a particular fan of their liquid foundation range (“Pro Foundation”) which can also be bought with a pearl tint – there are currently 8 shades available, with a particularly good range of pale colours which are subtly different from one another; perfect for finding that special shade! The Pro Foundation liquid foundation is easy to apply, gives great coverage, and most importantly is at an incredibly affordable price of just £4.00!! If ever, you’re looking for a great foundation when you’ve got a small budget, this is definitely the product I’d recommend most. In the below video I use 2 shades to compare my face (for the matte-look I use ‘Light Olive’, and for the shimmer look I use ‘Alabaster’), I also incorporate a darker shade, ‘Light’, to contour my face slightly – this is then further enhanced using my eye-shadow technique I have used in previous videos (click here to see how).

pro foundation

However, I realise that some people just can’t get on with liquid foundations (after all, it doesn’t suit all skin types), which is why I’m pleased to say that Stargazer also offer wonderful powder foundations – coming in loose or pressed powder. Admittedly, there is less of a range available shade wise on both of these products (the loose powder in particular only comes in 4 shades), however at the price of just £5.00 for the pressed powder, and an incredibly budget busting £3.50 for the pot of loose powder, it’s certainly not something to be dismissed! Both sets of powders also come available with a shimmer touch, which is perfect for when you want to glam up a bit and give yourself a natural shimmer. These are also both good products to use to set your liquid foundation, or even to highlight your face when contouring (think outside the box!) – you can see an example of this on my video below.

What if you don’t like liquid or powder foundation though? Well, that’s simple – Stargazer also offer the Pro Paint Stick – an easy to use foundation which you can layer in coverage, available for yet another bargain of £5.00! I was super impressed with this product and am even more pleased about the amount of colours available to choose from – this little gem is defintely worth raving about! Unfortunately, I didn’t use this in my video as I only have it in the one colour and I wanted to show the subtly different looks that can be created using some of the other foundations provided by Stargazer; however, it is an amazing little product which is easy to pop into your handbag, also making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

paint stick

Within my below video I have also incorporated the Stargazer eyebrow pencil, which comes with a handy brow brush on the end, and is perfect as a basic brow enhancer. This pencil is once more easy to use and great for all kinds of looks, as well as yet again being super affordable at just £3.50! It does only come in 3 colours (as a bit of a downside), but I’ve found that you can adjust the colour intensity by the amount of pressure used when applying to your brows – and afterall, at that price you can’t really complain!

Overall, Stargazer is a brilliant brand which is perfect for a range of styled looks, ranging from the simple to the outrageous, and it is incredibly affordable and easy to get hold of. I love the pale collection which Stargazer is able to promote, as well as all of their more vibrant range (which I will be doing a more in-depth look at in March), and will always continue to happily consume their products – I’ve yet to be disappointed by them!

Make sure to check out Stargazer’s full range here, and see what awesome looks you’re able to create!

Lots of love



* (click here to check out my full review on Studio 10)

Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy Creams – Product Review

Can you believe it’s mid-January already? Time is going too fast, and this weather is getting chillier by the moment (is it going to snow or not???).

Today’s post is another product review – this time not for make-up, but for some fabulous hand cream that I received a few weeks ago from Crabtree & Evelyn. I personally believe that skin care is very important and it is essential to keep your skin feeling hydrated – not just on your face, but everywhere; and I know I’m not alone as a girl who suffers from dry hands!

As hand creams go, I must admit I am a tad on the picky side – I get dry hands very easily, particularly in this chilly weather we are currently having, but I seem to have quite sensitive skin and I find that most hand creams irritate me, leave my hands itchy, or make my skin feel even tighter. Even worse than this, is when I try a hand cream and it feels heavy on your hands and it doesn’t rub in right; it just sits on top of your hands all unabsorbed – safe to say I usually struggle finding a good cream to use!

I was privileged enough to receive two hand creams from Crabtree & Evelyn’s ultra-moisturising hand therapy range – Citron, Honey & Coriander, and (my personal favourite) Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed. The creams come nicely packaged in simple, but effective boxes, and are the perfect size to stick in your handbag for when you’re out and about, as well as on your desk at work, or just round the house (but don’t worry, not small enough to lose!).

The Citron, Honey & Coriander cream smells ravishingly fresh and feels really light on your hands – it absorbs easily into your skin and leaves your hands feeling velvety soft. Enriched with shea-butter, it really eradicates any dryness of the skin and I really can’t champion enough the invigorating scent this hand cream has – it is truly revitalising!

crabtree & evelyn

As for the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed cream, well I can’t emphasise my love for this cream enough! It really is my favourite – it smells absolutely divine! Once again containing shea-butter, and leaving not only my hands feeling silky smooth, but also attending to my cuticles and nails. Containing natural oils and fragrances, this ultra-moisturising hand cream really lives up to its title. Every time I use the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed hand cream, everyone always comments on how lovely it smells and asks to borrow some!

One of the amazing attributes with both of the hand creams is the amount of cream you need to use when applying – a little pea sized amount goes an awful long way, which means that the longevity of the tube of cream is well worth the money! Both of the creams I received are in 50g (1.8oz), and I still have over half the tube remaining, yet I have been using the creams everyday since I have received them (and several times throughout the day as my hands really do get quite dry!). Best of all, Crabtree & Evelyn offer their hand creams in a range of sizes, so you can pick which is most suitable to your needs.

Before receiving the hand creams from Crabtree & Evelyn I would normally use Garnier Skin Naturals ‘Intensive Restoring Hand Cream’ for extra dry skin – I’ve always found it leaves my hands subtle and soft, and not itchy like other creams I have tried; however, after using the creams from Crabtree & Evelyn I’ve found that it just doesn’t compare – they truly are amazing and I would highly recommend anyone to try them!

Overall, I am super impressed with the ultra-moisturising hand therapy creams I received – I will most definitely be stocking up on them again when I run out of the current hand miracles I already have (and so excited to check out the other available ranges that Crabtree & Evelyn have to offer!). You can find all of Crabtree & Evelyn’s selection here – take a peek!

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Studio 10 Makeup Review

First of all, I would just like to apologise for the lack of a post recently – unfortunately after the Christmas festivities, I became poorly and had to take a quick trip to hospital; which meant I had to miss all the New Year parties too! Luckily I came out just before my birthday (4th Jan), and am all better again now!

Just before Christmas I was sent a few products to trial for Studio 10 – a make-up brand I had only ever heard brilliant things about, so I was super excited to receive them! Studio 10 make-up is generally targeted for women in their mid 30s, and was created with the knowledge that our skin changes over time, therefore our make-up and techniques used to apply the make-up, should change too. I, personally, am in my mid 20s, but was still keen to trial out Studio 10 make-up – after all, better to start the anti-ageing techniques early; prevention rather than cure! Studio 10 also offer a range of products which help fix imperfections on younger women, and all of their products are cruelty free (something which is incredibly important to me!).

I was sent 4 products to try – Age Defy Skin Perfector, I-Lift Longwear Liner, Long Last Velvet Liquid-Lips, and Miracle Effect Priming Serum… and needless to say, I was delighted with the results!

Age Defy Skin Perfector [02 medium/dark]- 10/10 So this has got to be my favourite product by far – this magical little beaut of a set if perfect for contouring, and really diminishing unsightly flaws (for me currently, this would be the enormous spot I had acquired on my chin… as a result of not taking my make-up off before bed one evening – lesson learnt!). The set comes with a primer (which is tinted like foundation) – which is applied all over the face, then there are two colour correctors (Green and Peach) at the end of the palette, which were the saviour to my spot situation – the green corrector sorted the redness of my spots spectacularly. A light concealer and a darker concealer are supplied so the face can be contoured – now, anyone which has seen my previous posts knows that when it comes to contouring I find it extremely difficult to find cream/liquid based products which don’t look to harsh on my pale face – for this reason, I usually use an eye-shadow to contour my face. Therefore, I was extremely surprised, and really impressed by the Age Defy Skin Perfector kit by Studio 10 – it is so easy to apply, and despite being darker tones, I found the product blended perfectly to leave flawless looking skin, and contouring without dark heavy lines on my face. This palette was the product I was most skeptical about due to my previous bad experiences with cream based contouring products, yet I am now so in love with it, and will now most definitely be stocking up on!


I-lift Longwear Liner [02 mocha] – 8/10 This double ended eye liner was one of the products I was most excited about receiving – I love a good eye liner and am constantly on the look out for the latest products which are easy to apply. This eye liner glides on easily, without crumbling, and leaves a good smooth line so I was very happy with the usability of the product, however, I found the tip to be quite chunky – therefore, I would not advise to use this eye liner if you are going for a more precise flick to your eye liner wing. On a more positive note, the double end of the eye liner helps to lift and brighten your eyes – it has a nude tone to it which helps to highlight your eyes – I used this underneath my eyes to make them appear less tired, and it worked wonders!


Longlast Velvet Liquid-Lips [02 blossom] – 7/10 I love a good lip gloss or lipstick, and when I saw the colour of this little gem a smile crept across my face – it truly is a stunning colour pink! For pale skin I do tend to recommend lighter shades of pink rather than the darker lip shades (which can make you seem a bit too pale, depending on how your make-up is done), and I love a light gloss/lipstick which doesn’t feel heavy on your lips – so this lip gloss fit the bill exactly! The only criticism I would have for this gloss is that it is a bit on the watery side, so lip liner is a must when wearing this, and some tidying up is required once applied.


Miracle Effect Priming Serum – 6/10 For me, primers are an essential before applying any kind of make-up; they set a perfect base to smooth your face before becoming creative with your look, and they also make your skin feel incredibly soft! I have always preferred MAC’s Prep + Prime for a primer, and have yet to find anything which rivals it. After giving the Studio 10 primer a few goes, I found that I unfortunately just couldn’t get on with it – I found the serum to be too thick and sticky, and just didn’t seem to fit my skin at all… however, I was intrigued by whether the primer serum would be the same on the skin of someone older than myself (and more of the target market which Studio 10 are aimed at)… So I gave the remainder of the primer to my Mum (who is in her mid 40s) and caught up with her a few days later to see how she got on with it; needless to say she got on with the primer a lot better than me, and found that it made her skin really supple and soft, and even helped smooth the appearance of her smile lines around her eyes! I have given this product a lower score due to the fact that I just couldn’t get on with it, however, a second opinion proved it to be a good product; therefore I would recommend the Miracle Effect Priming Serum for anyone in their mid 30s+.

Overall, I found my experience with Studio 10 products a positive one and have found a few little gems out of their range which I am eager to continue using! I would highly recommend this brand, and I look forward to exploring their range further – you can find all of their products online here.

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