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New video – Everyday Makeup with *NEW* Maxfactor Masterpiece Palette!

Here’s the link to my latest video – a nice easy, every day makeup tutorial with a flick of eyeliner!

Featuring the NEW Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude palette for eye-shadow – something I’ve been super excited about trying recently (it’s truly magnificent!).

Make sure if you like the video to give it the thumbs up and subcribe to my YouTube channel for more videos and tutorials (with a few product reviews chucked in for good measure!)

Keep your eyes peeled for my newest post coming soon featuring a more glamorous eye look!


Boutique of Molly – Laila Dress | Product Review #OOTW

So today’s post is a little different – we’re going to do a product review or the Laila dress by Boutique of Molly!

The sun was back (temporarily), which means cracking out the summer wardrobe whilst you still can.. (#loveBritishsummer), and what better way then bringing out the florals to keep that summer vibe alive?

For anyone which knows me, I am a tad bit of a dress-aholic (come rain or shine!), and so I was absolutely thrilled to pieces last week when I came home from work to find my Boutique of Molly package had arrived, containing my new Laila dress! As soon as I opened the package I couldn’t to wait ’til the weekend to try it out (and had my fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine to remain!) It’s truly stunning, and really got me in the summer mood.

Thankfully my wish came true, and we got that bit of British sunshine so I was able to wear my beautiful new dress. The first thing I noticed, was the fit of it – it clung to all the right places, and avoided all the bits I wanted to hide! I’ve got a very pear shape body, so a dress cut like this is perfect for me – it emphasises the smallest part of me (my waist), and flows out over my hips effortlessly so as not to accentuate them… and as an added bonus it enhanced my cleavage!

The material of the Laila dress is really soft too, as well as having a bit of stretch in it – perfect for when you’ve had a desert too much (something I do more often than not!). The bright pink and purple flowers are really eye-catching, but not too in your face – the perfect balance to get you noticed, but pointed at!

This really is a wonderful dress, and definitely going to be an icon of my summer this year – bring back the sunshine so I can keep on wearing this!!

For more clothing from Boutique of Molly, make sure to check out their website here – they’ve got some gorgeous pieces available ready for the summer, and at great prices too!

Check out my #BOMselfie below, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my newest video being uploaded shortly…

Lots of love

Roben x


Dr Lipp – Original Nipple Balm for Lips |Product Review

It’s with great apologies that I post this product review – I had this all written out and ready to go months ago, and thought I had uploaded it… but checking through last night I realised that wasn’t the case and it seems to have got missed! So absolute apologies for that!

Dr Lipp sent me their wonderful creation which is ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ to try out, and I was completely amazed with what you can do with it!

dr lipp review

‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ – yes, that’s right Nipple Balm – it’s one of them titles which the 14 year old in me giggles at inside whenever I say it out loud; it just doesn’t sound natural for me to announce I’m using a nipple balm on my lips! It’s also one of them names which makes people do a double take (good marketing their guys!) – so it tends to stick out in your head. But don’t be put off by the name – this little beaut of a product is actually awesome for more than what you might be thinking…

Lip Balm – This is the most obvious use – using a product which says in the description ‘for lips’, but I just wanted to explain how marvellous this little gem is. The texture of the product is very much like nipple balm (being a mother, I have had the joys of having to use this) …I presume this is why it has it’s name! But this isn’t a bad thing – nipple balm is silky smooth and glides on easy – it has a soothing touch to it and is a brilliant barrier; which is exactly the case for this lip balm. When you’ve got the product on your lips feel hydrated, and completely protected – like having a drink is not going to wash the product off so you have to keep reapply every 5 seconds (let’s face it, we’ve all had that kind of lip balm before…). If you’re like me where I suffer from having dry cracked lips on a daily basis, then this is a little tube of miracle that you need to try out!

Lip Gloss & Primer – Due to the high shine of this product, it makes for a perfect long-lasting lipgloss! Simply apply over the top of lipstick (or naked lips) and get a glossy glow to your look! The best thing is how little of the product you have to use for this, which means your little tube will keep on lasting! You can also use the balm before applying lipstick as a great primer – it flattens out any flaky skin so that when you apply your lipstick on top it glides on with ease.

Eye Shine & Glitter – Yes, eye shine! You must be thinking I’m mental, but this product is absolutely fantastic for changing a look and jazzing it up! Apply your eye make-up as usual, then put a small amount of the Nipple Balm for Lips on top, and you get a complete new look (perfect if you are going out straight from work – changing the look from a day to evening in an instant without having to remove make-up or carry round a million products to do so!). If you want to sparkle up your eyes, this is also the perfect product to do so – layer on a small amount of the Nipple Balm for Lips, then pad on any eye glitter – it instantly sticks to the balm and holds for a good duration of time. As an FYI, this is exactly what I did for the picture in my header of the website!

Cheek Shine/Highlighter – If you want to add a bit of shine to your cheekbones to give that highlighted effect, this product is great. Again, a small amount ages a long way, so only the tiniest needs to be applied.

Sore Patches – I know, I know, attractive right? But let’s face it, we all get sore or itchy patches on our faces sometimes and it’s a nightmare when you do (particularly if it then makes red blotchy patches…). I’ve used Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm for Lips when I’ve had a cold and my nose got sore from constantly blowing it (you know that red raw look I’m talking about..) – it really soothed the skin and stopped the irritation; at times like that, it’s best to keep the skin around your nose hydrated so it doesn’t dry out and get so sore… which is exactly what the balm did! I’ve not had to try myself, but from what I’ve heard, you can also use this product on dry/sore patches of skin, and of course, on nipples themselves when they get cracked and sore.

There are many many many more other uses for Dr Lipp’s ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’, and so many benfits from using it – if you want to read more about the product then head over to Dr Lipp’s website.

Overall, I was super impressed with the ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ – the packaging is awesome and so pretty! (Simple things, I know!), it’s fabulous for lasting you ages, and there are so many ways you can use it! Plus, it really helped my dry lips!

10 out of 10 for Dr Lipp!

Lots of love,

Roben x



Butter London – Product Review!

So I’ve been extremely fortunate and been sent some lovely samples through from Butter London – a fantastic brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages! They sent me 4 items in total – 3 fabulous matte lipsticks, and 1 liquid eyeliner, to which I have made another video to show the amazing products (the video is at the bottom of this post!).

I’ve been playing around with ideas for a while now, and wanted to write a small piece on how lipstick colours can change a look in an instant – using the same brand, and style of lipstick, but just changing the colour. Using the 3 lipstick colours I was sent by Butter London I’ve now been able to do this – I’ve started off with my make-up already applied, and literally just gone through applying the different lipsticks… you’ll be surprised the difference it makes! Using pink-ier shades lightens the face and gives a gorgeous daytime look (especially the ‘Macbeth’ shade Butter London sent!), whereas a more rose tinted shade makes great for an early evening look. For a more sultry, late-evening look you can transform your whole look with a much deeper shade of red… keep reading to find out my thoughts on the shades Butter London sent me…



Matte Lipstick ‘Macbeth’ – This is the first shade I apply in the video – it’s absolutely fantastic! It has great tone to the pink, and the vibrancy of the lipstick is outstanding… it almost has a neon/luminous look to it? The lipstick glides on effortlessly, and it’s claim to being ‘long lasting’ is 100% on point – I’ve trialled this beautiful shade out at work to see if it rubs off easily, yet despite various drinks (hot and cold), and food eaten throughout the day (I’m not ashamed to say I constantly eat – there’s always some form of snack in front of me!), the lipstick stayed on, only needing a top up once (and this was around 3pm, so pretty good going!). The ‘Macbeth’ shade is absolutely perfect for people with pale skin with a cool undertone (such as myself) – it really draws attention to the lips without making you look deathly white or with yellow-tinged skin. As an added bonus point, this colour really brought out the whiteness in my teeth (which always goes down with me!). This shade, out of the 3 I received is most definitely my favourite!

Matte Lipstick ‘Loved Up’ – If you’re looking to go out for dinner, pop to the cinema, or going on a date, this beautiful shade is immense. Again, easy to apply, a wonderful matte finish, and superbly long-lasting (even more so than the ‘Macbeth’ shade!) – you really can’t go wrong with these lipsticks. ‘Loved Up’ is a redder shade which really can change up your look – whether you want to jazz up your daytime look, or you’re heading out for the evening this colour is definitely going to make your look more striking!

Matter Lipstick ‘Ruby Murray’ – This was actually the first out of all the samples that I tried out – I was heading out for the evening and I thought this would be ideal to test out.. my findings revealed that the lipstick withheld all night with just the one slight touch-up! I was super impressed, and to top it off, I was complimented throughout the night how great my make-up was and asked where I got my lipstick from! It certainly is a show stopper, and the deepness of the colour gives such a sultry, sexy look. Best of all, the ‘Ruby Murray’ shade didn’t make me look ridiculously pale (as I have found with previous darker shade lipsticks) – the cool undertone to the red complimented my skin, and I had real confidence when wearing it. Once more, this was easy to apply and super long lasting!


Matte Eye Liner in ‘Union Jack Black’ – I think this was the product I was most excited by when I received the samples – I love a good liquid eyeliner, and I love trying them out! I have to say though, this was perhaps actually the more disappointing item out of the lot – maybe because I had such high hopes for it? But either way, it wasn’t my favourite. The eye liner itself was easy enough to use, and the shape of the body of the eyeliner made a good grip and easy to hold – the colour also gave good coverage… when it worked. The main issue I had with this eyeliner was that it ran out so quickly! The first 2 times I used the liquid liner it was perfectly fine and I was quite happy with it… but every use after that the product became less dense and I found myself having to reapply several layers to get a half decent coverage. This was a bit frustrating – it was fine if I had lots of time to do my makeup, but on the occasions I was in a rush (which in my case, is 9 out of 10 times!) it was a bit tedious to keep having to build the colour up. On a positive note, the fine point to the eye liner allows you to get a really sharp flick to your wing!


Overall, I was very impressed with Butter London’s products – all of them were super easy to use, and the range of colours which are available on the website are superb! Although the Matte Eye Liner didn’t quite meet up to my expectations, the Matte Lipsticks went above and beyond, which certainly made up for it! I was so pleased with the longevity of the lipsticks and how little I needed to top them up to last throughout the day, and the colours were absolutely beautiful.

I will certainly be adding Butter London to my shopping list, and I can’t wait to check out some of their other ranges!

Make sure to check Butter London out here –


My next few posts are going to be focusing on brighter colours as we start to transition from spring to summer (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now!), some tips on how to get a spectacular smokey eye, and how to achieve some film inspired looks!

If there’s anything in particular you would like me to cover, just give me a shout @RobenBeauty on either Twitter or Facebook or comment below!

Lots of love,

Roben x

Colour Corrections – What Colour for Which Skin

I must just start by saying a massive apology for my recent absence from the blogging world! I’ve had a few things crop up that needed my attention, but I should be back on my game again now!

So, as promised, this little post is all about colour corrections!

I think colour correcting is one of them subjects which not enough of us talk about – it’s kind of half assumed we all know what does what, but in reality very few of us can identify the right colour correcter to use for problem skin… let’s change that 🙂

Let’s quickly cover a couple of basics…

  • Always use colour correctors after primer but before foundation – primer is always a must before any kind of makeup, and applying a colour corrector after foundation will be too pigmented and obvious.
  • Generally pale colours for pale skin, and more pigmented colours (sometimes paired with other correctors) for darker skin tones.
  • Know your skin! If you can’t identify what needs correcting you could end up using the wrong product!
  • Colour correctors are not concealers concealers cover up blemishes (spots etc), whereas colour corrector neutralise your skin tone. Colour correctors should be applied before foundation, but concealers are usually applied after foundation.

So let’s look at the colour wheel – fundamentally this is your go-to-guide, and it takes seconds to learn! Quite simply, whichever colour issue you are having, look across the other side of the chart, and this will neutralise the colour! I’ll go in to more detail below…



Yellow/Sallow Skin – This type of skin is most common in Asian ethnicity, but can be apparent in most skin types (or can also appear if you are feeling unwell); to correct any sallowness/dullness in the skin, apply a purple/lilac colour corrector to the area. If you have light skin then stick with the lilac colour on it’s own (a more lavender-like shade), however if you have a darked skin tone, use a darker, more pigmented purple – you may also find that you will have to pair this with a dark peach/orange corrector, as the purple on its own may not be pigmented enough to conceal skin you are correcting (dependant on how dark the skin is).

Blue Skin/Dark Circles – We all get dark circles under our eyes from time to time (too many parties, children, or just stressing out), and for others, they just have that blue-tinged colour patched of skin naturally (generally found around the eye area). Dark circles can be an absolute pain to cover up with foundation on its own – the blue colour still shines through! To balance this out, use an orange colour corrector – this will take away the blueness and will even out your skin tone… don’t worry, using an orange colour corrector will not turn your foundation orange too! Again, with darker skin make sure to use a more pigmented orange, whereas with pale skin use a pastel tone.

Grey Skin – Similar to dark circles , but without the bluish tinge – this is usually found on more mature skin, but can occur at any time. To colour balance grey skin, use a yellow colour corrector (a banana-like colour is most popular) – if you have darker skin you may need to balance this out with another peachy coloured colour corrector as the yellow on it’s own may not be strong enough.

Red Skin – Probably the most common type of ‘problem’ skin! Most people get red patches at some point, and anyone with sensitive or thin skin will definitely know all about getting redness in the skin! This is something I sometimes get because I have borderline sensitive skin! It’s one of them things that you can apply copious amounts of foundation too and you still have patches where the redness shines through – it’s rather irritating! So to combat red skin, make sure to use a green colour corrector – this neutralises the red perfectly and really gives a more balanced skin tone after your foundation is applied. As with the other skin tones, make sure to use a pastel colour for fair skin, and darker pigmented colours for darker skin.

There are so many different types of colour correctors you can get on the market – from palettes, to creams, to sticks, to colour correctors combined with primers! I tend to use a palette so that I can target specific areas as they appear, but I will be doing a comparison piece not too far in the future to try out what the best correctors are!

I hope this piece has been helpful to understand colour correcting, however if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask – I’m always happy to help!

I’m super excited to say that my next post is going to be another product review (seeing as I haven’t done one in a while) – it’s one really not to be missed, so make sure to keep updated (my Twitter and Facebook pages are a great way to keep posted on what’s coming up next!).

Until next time!


Lots of love,


Add a Bit of Colour – New Video

Just a quick blog as the sun is out today, and I’m feeling the summer vibes coming on! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; let’s appreciate spring first! The flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting their leaves, and the world just seems to be a happier, sun shining kind of place right now 🙂

So with the spring theme in mind, I put together another little video …but this time with a hint of colour! After all, it’s so easy to slip into the same old habits; using the same colour palette and the usual black eye liner… sometimes it’s good just to mix it up a bit!

This is a daytime look so nothing too drastic, but I hope you enjoy!

How to Remove Makeup… The Right Way

Today I thought I’d do something a bit different – instead of talking about how to put make-up on, let’s talk about how to take it off.

Sounds simple? Well I guess it is, but the truth of the matter is that we’re never really taught how you should be removing your make-up – 9 out of 10 of us will just grab a wet-wipe and scrub away (which, by the way, is exactly what I used to do!). Realistically, we just do what we can to get it off, and don’t think about what it’s doing to our skin; we might slap a bit of moisturiser on, but the question is whether that’s enough?

After many many years of using make-up wipes (some of which weren’t even make-up wipes, they were baby wipes because they were always readily available… if you’re a mum, you’ll know what I mean!), I soon discovered that they really are not the answer when it comes to removing make-up – they’re harsh on your skin (even the ‘sensitive’ ones), and can actually be the cause of sensitive skin if used on a long term basis! It was this fact which got me to stop using them right away!

So what is the answer? Cream, cream, cream (and a bit of toner)!

I’ve made a quick video of me removing my make-up how I’ve been taught to do professionally on others (though slightly adapted as you just can’t get the hand angles when using the techniques on yourself!) – and below I have listed everything I have used, and most importantly, why.

Please note – I have used all Simple products as I absolutely love their range, and because they use no nasties it is suitable for my generally sensitive skin – you can use any brand you wish, Simple is just my preferred choice!


Eye-Makeup RemoverKind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream by Simple – Squeeze a decent amount between two cotton pads and pad together to spread the cream evenly. Hold one of the pads between your fingers and place over the eye, rocking gently in a horizontal motion – do this for a few seconds so that the eye-makeup remover can start to breakdown the eye makeup (particularly on heavy eyeliners and long-wear mascaras). Then wipe the makeup in downward motion – never swipe to the side – this will drag the skin and encourages wrinkles! Keep doing this until the pad has removed majority of the makeup, then fold the pad in half (so the clean side is on show and the makeup side is tucked under) – repeat the downward motions to pick up any excess makeup. Finally, fold the pad in half again (dirty side in, as before), open your eyes and look up – run the pad underneath the eye going from outer corner to inner corner – this will collect up any fallen makeup as well as any eyeliner on the lower lash-line. Repeat this process using the other pad, on the other eye.

Eye-Makeup RemoverKind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream by Simple – Again! This is for the lips this time… and yes, you just read that correctly – for the lips. Using a small amount on one cotton pad, place between your fingers and hold over your lips – rock backwards and forwards to remove any lipstick and eyeliner. This is particularly effective for removing any lip-stain or long-wear lipsticks which otherwise are a nightmare to remove! It’s also really gentle on your lips and helps to keep moisture in.

CleanserKind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion by Simple – This is the main step to removing your makeup, so make sure you have a good cleanser which suits you as you’ll be using it a lot! There’s quite a few steps for this one so I’ve broken it down a bit, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep!

1 – Take a big dollop on your hands and rub them together so that the cleanser is visible all over your hands. Gently place your cleanser covered hands down your face – starting on your forehead, followed by both cheeks, then your chin, and finally on your neck.

2 – Use continuous upwards motions on your neck and under your chin and jawlines – this will remove any makeup which is on your neck.

3 – Run your middle finger around your chin and under your bottom lip – this will dislodge any makeup which has got stuck in the crease above your chin (a common place to get spots if not cleaned properly!).

4 – Make scissor motions along your jawline, going from side to side. This is a bit more tricky to do, and it can take a bit of practice before it starts to feel natural, but it’s a really good technique for getting rid of any tide marks and foundation lines. (The video shows you how to do this better than I can describe in writing!)

5 – Run both your middle fingers on either side of your mouth – going above your top lip, then back round to underneath your bottom lip.

6 – Using your middle and ring fingers, make small circular motions around the tip of the nose and both nostrils – this is great for dislodging any makeup that may have settled in the crease around your nose (another spot-prone area if you’re not careful).

7 – Again using circular motions, but this time a lot bigger and more relaxed, move your hands down under your cheeks, up on to the cheek bones, and then back down towards the nose, in an almost triangular move.

8 – Run your middle and ring fingers, one after the other, over the top of your nose and up between your eyebrows – this move not only helps remove makeup, but feels really relaxing!

9 – Go back to the scissor movement you did on the jawline, but this time run your hands across your forehead, going from temple to temple – this will remove any makeup from around your hair line, as well as any makeup on or around your eyebrows.

Finally, grab some tissue and gently swirl around your face to remove the makeup – you’ll be shocked how much comes off!

Do this routine again (always cleanse twice!), and if you have quite a lot or a heavy load of makeup then go over a third time.

TonerKind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner by Simple – Toner is really important – by cleansing your face and getting really deep into them pores, you have to disrupt the balance of your skin, so toner is essential after cleansing as it restores your skin balance back to how it should be. Pour a decent amount between two pads and press together to spread evenly – you want a fair amount on, but if the pad is soaked through then you’ve got too much! Gently run both pads over your face starting from the centre outwards. Grab a sheet off tissue and dab any excess toner off so as to make sure you don’t look shiny!

MoisturiserKind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser by Simple – A girl’s best friend! Even if you’re not doing the full routine, it is super recommended that you use a moisturiser daily – it hydrates your skin and creates an amazing base before applying your makeup, as well as when you remove it. Squeeze out a fair amount between two cotton pads and press together to spread evenly, then run both pads over your face, starting from the centre outwards; just like you did with the toner.


You’ll find that after doing this routine your skin feels amazing! It doesn’t feel tight or irritated, and it’s not bright red either (which is exactly what mine used to go when I used wipes on it!). It can be a bit of a long winded routine, but once you get yourself into it, it becomes second nature and you really do start to see the benefits! It’s also a great skincare routine to use even if you’re not wearing makeup that day (just minus the eye-makeup remover), and can be really relaxing if you’ve had a stressful day – why not teach your partner how to do it, and it feels just like a massage!

Give it a try and tell me all about your experience – I love getting your feedback and know I am being helpful!

Until next time,

Lots of love

Roben x


Quick. Simple. Easy. 3 Everyday Looks Which Are Actually Achievable

As a blogger myself, I love having a good scout round for ideas and inspiration, and it’s on a recurring basis that I come across the terms ‘Quick’ ‘Easy’ and ‘Simple’…. followed by then a really complicated step-by-step guide which you end up getting lost in, resulting in giving up and accepting your attempt does not look anywhere as good as the beauty telling you how to achieve it. It’s down-heartening, and makes you feel like only the pros can really get to grips with that look. As you all know, I’m all about beauty-positivity, and so I decided to put together 3 looks which genuinely are easy to get to grips with!


the classic

The Classic

Everybody loves a classic look – it’s clean, it’s simple, and it goes with every outfit! This look was achieved with the following;

Primer – everywhere, all the time – never forget the primer as it sets the base for your face

Foundation – applied all over, topped with a bit of concealer under the eyes and around my nose area (this is because I get redness here, so feel free to miss this bit if it doesn’t apply to you!). I then set the whole face with a translucent powder; I’ve only used a setting powder at this stage as my contouring and blush are both powders so will set better on top – if you are using cream on liquid based blush/contouring products then apply your setting powder afterwards.

Contouring – This look has the deepest contour out of the 3, but it’s still fairly subtle – for this I used my BarryM Contour Kit (just the dark contour part – no bronzer) marking the underneath of my cheek bones. I topped up with some highlighter under my eyes, on the T-zone, down my nose, and a tiny bit on my chin.

Blush – applied lightly across the cheekbones

Eyebrows – drawn on into an arch with Beauty UK’s Brow Kit (I’ll be doing a separate tutorial for this so keep tuned!)

Eye-shadow – A light nude-based colour applied all over the lid, followed by a light brown applied to the outer crease line only (blend it in to give a softer look)

Eyeliner – A nice bold line running the length of the eyelid, and finishing with a small upwards flick. Drag a tiny amount down under the bottom waterline to make the eyes appear larger.

Mascara – As long as it’s black, it will do. Nothing fancy required here.

Lipstick – The main focus of this look – make it red, make it bold. Apply lip liner first if you want to make your lips appear larger, or to get a smoother finish, otherwise hit it up big and draw some attention to yourself!


the colour

The Splash of Colour

Because sometimes, we all need to vamp up our outfit with a splash of colour – why not try this look for a little bit more oomph to your look!

Primer & Foundation – the same as in The Classic

Contouring – A bit less contour is required for this look – just a light brush of a bronzer under the cheeks bones and a dash of highlighter on the T-zone and down the nose.

Blush – More blush in a rose shade applied several times to the cheeks to get a nice glow, as well as to frame the face.

Eyebrows – drawn on into an arch with Beauty UK’s Brow Kit (I’ll be doing a separate tutorial for this so keep tuned!)

Eye-shadow – This is where the colour starts to come in! I started off with a pale blush across the whole eyelid as a base, followed by a smokey blue to line the crease and outer corner of the eye. Finally I used a dark blue to go over the corner of the eye – blend this in with a brush using sweeping motions to get a nice smokey feel.

Eyeliner – To step away from the usual black eyeliner, I went for a metallic blue – this was a nice chunky line that ran across the lid and joined up with the eye-shadow to give a more defined point to the eye. Using this metallic eyeliner meant that it blended nicely into the eye-shadow and also gave the eyes a bit of shimmer and colour.

Mascara – Once again, as long as it’s black, it will do. Nothing fancy required here.

Lipstick – Something subtle; the main focus for this look is the colour on the eyes, so go for a natural pink shade or just a bit of gloss (like I have done).


the natural

The Natural 

A refreshingly clean look which enhances your natural beauty. This does wonders for your self esteem, and gets people wondering how you look so effortlessly beautiful.

Primer & Foundation – the same as in The Classic

Contouring – No contouring is required for this look – just add a bit of highlighting to under the eyes, the T-zone, along the nose and on the chin.

Blush – A small amount of blush in a light colour, just to give the face a bit of shape – but nothing heavy.

Eyebrows – drawn on into an arch with Beauty UK’s Brow Kit (I’ll be doing a separate tutorial for this so keep tuned!)

Eye-shadow – Use a nude shade on the whole eyelid – I’ve used a light bronze colour to give a natural shimmer look. Shape the eye starting from the inner corner sweeping out, with a light brown shade – make sure to blend this in well so it doesn’t look drawn on; this is a very natural look so keep everything well blended.

Eyeliner – Use a brown eyeliner on the upper and lower water lines – use very sparingly, as again this needs to look very natural.

Mascara – This time using a brown mascara – as I’m blonde, it’s very obvious if I have black mascara on that I am enhancing my eyes – using a brown mascara keeps it looking natural and light, and doesn’t focus the attention just on the eye area of my face.

Lipstick – No lipstick, just a bit of balm – I’ve used Dr Lipp’s ‘Nipple Balm for Lips’ – it’s brilliant for hydration and gives a bit of shimmer.


So there we have it! 3 very simple, very easy everyday looks – let me know how you guys get on with them and tag me @RobenBeauty if you try them out!

Until next time,


Lot of love

Roben x


Affordable Doesn’t Mean Bad Quality – Make-up Tutorial

Unfortunately I think budget make-up now has a bit of a stigma to it – people just presume that because something is a bit of a bargain, it must be rubbish; they think the mascaras are going to be clumpy and unusable, foundation is not going to blend and just comes in an array of orange-tinted colours, and lipsticks will rub off just by looking at them… I, of course, completely contest this.

Admittedly, if you went back a few years, you most probably would find this the case – after all, the stigma didn’t come from nowhere! Budget make-up used to be just that – budget. But times have changed, prices have changed, and the overall quality and choice of affordable make-up has changed too – it seems like the only thing that hasn’t changed is our views on it!

As you all know, I do love a bit of MAC, Studio 10 and the like, and I do tend to use these products in my videos – they are of a higher price, but also of fantastic quality! However, I also do use high-street priced products, as well as more affordable options; and it was after I made my video and review on the Stargazer products, that I received some requests from fans in regards to more products which Stargazer produce as well as enquiries as to “what other affordable brands were out there” which I would recommend using. This got me thinking, and I therefore decided the best way to show an array of products and brands would be to create a make-up tutorial not only showing what to use, but how I would use them to create a soft, simple, everyday look.

Below, you will find my latest tutorial which shows me using products, all of which are under £8! Let’s have a quick look at what I used to create this look;

Foundation – £4.00 – For this I used Stargazer’s Pro Foundation – this is a really great product that I’d recommend to anyone wanting a foundation that goes on super easy and is at an extortionately great price – just £4!!! Better yet, this range from Stargazer is really good for anyone with pale skin (like myself), as there’s a good choice of different light shades to choose from.

Setting, Highlighting & Contouring – £7.99 – If you’ve seen my very first post about contouring, then you’ll know that I used to use eye-shadow as I found other contouring kits too heavy and generally unusable… however, I’ve recently discovered the gorgeous Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit by Barry M (in Light-Medium), and I absolutely love it! It comes with highlighter, bronzer and contour powders and it so easy to apply! This is the most expensive product I have used in this video, but it is still a bargain at just £7.99!

Blush – £6.50 – For blush I actually used a product from Avon called True Colour in Cedar Rose, however this product is currently not available any more (which is shocking because it is amazing and has been an old faithful of mine for some time now!) – there is however, a close alternative for this by Avon called Ideal Luminous Blush (in Peach) which is just as good, and still affordable at £6.50.

Eyebrows – £4.99 – I used my old faithful for my brows; this is a fabulous little kit from BeautyUK called the ‘All-in-one High Brow Definition Kit’ which I’ve always managed to get on with. It comes with 3 shades (which blend together well so you can match most hair types), as well as a highlighting creme to further define your brow shape. Whether I’m going for a softer look, or a dark brow look I can guarantee I will achieve what I’m after with the High Brow kit from BeautyUK – it sincerely is worth the price!

Eye-shadow – £3.99 – Now this is a tool I’d advise everyone to have in their make-up kits; an eye-shadow palette is perfect when you want a good array of colours (some of which you wouldn’t necessarily want to fork out a fortune for if you are only planning on using once or twice in a blue moon!), they’re also great ways to create new colours/looks by blending with branded products, and they just allow you to be creative without the cost! I bought my palette off of ebay (from a China store with free delivery), yet everyone is none the wiser once the product is applied to my eyes. This is a definite essential for anyone, and totally worth the price (and the wait… because shipping from China can mean a few weeks before receiving the palette!).

Eyeliner – £1.00 – I love these eye-liners with a passion! MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner’s are just £1.00 and are perfect for top ups in your handbag as well as applying first thing. They come in a fantastic range of colours, and best of all every eyeliner comes with a pencil sharpener integrated in to the lid of the pencil so you never have to worry about a blunt point! I used the Jet Black eyeliner for this look, but I have various other shades stocked up – at just £1.00 it makes sense to have several options!

Mascara – £4.99 – For mascara I used L’Oreal’s ‘Miss Manga’ Volume Mascara – this is quite a light mascara so great for every day looks, and best of all it doesn’t clump up! I bought this from Tesco’s for £4.99, however I have seen this for sales in drugstores for £9.99 or even up to £12.99, so make sure you shop around to get the best price!

Lip Liner – £1.00 – Another MUA product, and once again priced at just £1.00! Just like the eye-liners from MUA, the lip liners come in a selection of colours (I used ‘Red Drama’ for this tutorial), and also come with the sharpener in the lid of the pencil. Once more, this is an amazing product from an equally amazing brand, and at such a cheap price!

Lipstick – £7.50 – Another product from Avon; the Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Coral Burst – I absolutely love this colour, and it best of all I have found this lipstick to be long lasting (without needing to top up on a regular basis!).

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and has given a bit more clarity to the fact “affordable” doesn’t have to be “cheap and nasty”. Please click on the link below to see the tutorial of how I applied the above!

Look out for my next post, where I will be showing some quick, simple looks to try out!

Lots of love,

Roben x

Aroma Works – Amazing skincare without the nasties (Product Review)

It’s a bit of foundation knowledge that looking after your skin is an absolute essential when it comes to any kind of beauty routine. My main suggestions for this are usually sleep well, eat right, and drink plenty of H2O (see my previous post for more info on this)… but what else can we do to look after our skin? After all, you only have to walk in to anywhere that sells make-up and you’ll find shelves lined with cream after cream – each claiming to be the next best miracle to cure any impurities! But what to choose and where from?? It can all get a bit confusing sometimes!

I have my select favourites of creams and potions, as does any girl, however I’ve never been quite so impressed when it comes to skincare as I was when I discovered the joys of Aroma Works. Initially recommended through a friend due to their delightfully smelling candles, I then discovered their range of skin care products and just knew I had to try some! After sending me an amazing selection of samples before Christmas, Aroma Works has changed my view on skincare products altogether – having only just finished the samples to try out their each amazing qualities, I am now an oil based fan.

OIL??? I hear you say, and yes indeed – oil. At first, I must admit, I was dubious of the idea – I don’t have particularly oily skin myself anyway, but I certainly didn’t want to start making it that way! Yet I was pleasantly surprised when the facial oils did not sit on top of my faced like I originally feared; they did not make my skin appear greasy or shiny, and my pores did not feel clogged up or heavy… in fact, my skin felt the complete opposite! My skin was soft to the touch, it felt refreshed and hydrated, and the soft aroma the oils left had people asking me what new perfume I had on (for yes, these wonderful oils are also scented!). After one use of my first trial oil, I simply could not get enough and I found myself using the oils on a regular basis – particularly on days where I was makeup free, where I could let my skin breath and remain feeling fresh.

So let’s take a more indepth look at what I received…

Serenity Body Oil – A delightfully smelling oil which is just perfect to use after getting out of the bath and drying off – I know for myself that sometimes when I get out of a shower or bath my skin can sometimes feels tight and dry, so this miracle wonder worked perfectly for me! Best of all, a little goes a long way with the body oil so you don’t need to use a ton for the desired effect. With lemongrass, neroli, geranium and coconut, it smells divine, and your skin feels wonderfully smooth.

Purify Body Oil – Another body oil perfect for when you get out from bathing/showering and want to keep your skin naturally hydrated! This time with a mix of cypress, geranium and lavender, which are a perfect mix to help soothe any aching muscles (particularly if you are lucky enough to have someone use this wonderful oil as a massage oil – it does wonders!).

Nourish Face Serum Oil – Quite frankly, my favourite product out of the entire range. This beauty really helped me when my face felt dry and tight, but also gave me an extra boost when my skin felt normal – it genuinely makes your skin so soft to touch, and I felt so much more hydrated after using it. As an added bonus, this facial serum also helps to fight the signs of ageing!

nourish face serum

Nourish Purity Eye Cleanser – This is a little bottle of magic! Containing Jojoba and chamomile, this wonderful little product not only removes your eye make-up in a soft and gentle manner, but it also makes the area around your eyes feel soft and doesn’t leave them feeling aggravated (I’m sure I’m not the only girl whose eyes are sore after removing make-up!). I was pleasantly surprised with this, and again, a little goes a long way.

Nourish Body Brilliance Exfoliate – Surprisingly, this is actually the product I got on least with – despite being an exfoliant, I found it to be a little too rough for my skin (which is delicate at the best of times). Despite this, it smells gorgeous (lavender)!

Anti-Ageing Absolute Face Serum – Mask – As you all know, I love a good anti-ageing potion or lotion! Despite only being in my twenties, I stick by the fact that prevention is better than cure! I may not be able to see wrinkles disappear and the like, but I love the way anti-ageing products make me feel – and this little beaut makes me feel incredible! Soft to touch when you apply it, and even softer once its absorbed! You can use the face serum one of two ways – either before using a face cream, or to leave on overnight to soak in; I tried the latter, and my word did my skin feel amazing in the morning!

Inspire Aromatherapy Body Wash – I love a body wash – to the point I have too many in my bathroom and they’re all kind of squeezed on to my shelves! So safe to say I was excited when I saw I had a body wash from Aroma Works – It smells fresh (less like perfume like the rest of the range, and more citrus-like), and is just really invigorating! It does what a body wash does, but it is just so lovely!

Balance Cleansing Face Wash – This was a a great product to use after the body wash and before the facial oil – it’s got a really subtle scent to it and just feels really gentle on your skin. Definitely a product to use as a combination with the other products in the range.

Overall, my experience with Aroma Works was an extremely positive one – not only have I now got plenty more products to work in to my skincare routine, I also have a new opinion on oils and the wonders they can do for you! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to get involved with their products and will most definitely be stocking up (especially the Nourish Face Serum Oil!) – make sure to check out their full range here!

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Roben x



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